Thursday, May 13, 2010

umm. ummm. holiday??


I'm now at KL,sitting in the hotel's room while goes online non stop. haha.
Dude,the wifi here is really fast!!~

Ok,so next up we mama and I are going to Lowyat to repair my handphone. Screamsss my lungsss outtt yeahhhhh. Miss that hp sooo darn muchhh :((

Went to eat sushi at KLCC last night. finally. I've been longing for sushi for a while now.. But it's quite unlucky that we went there around 9 and almost 10 so we only get to eat the sushi. I wanted to try the ramen but we're too late for that uhh..

Don't know mama's plan yet,so we might going to some other places later on. But for sure,we're heading to Unisel after this. Going back todayy yayyyyy :D

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