Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31st March...

R.I.P my Sony Ericson :(
- you'll be missed dearlyyyy-

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sarah,thank u beryyyyyy muchhh for the lord of the rings movies!!
haha akhirnyaaaa,dapat jugak aku tgk balik cerita tu :D :D

anyways,today is the day for this is it band tribute and uknow yunho live!!
but ughhh,internet being such a pain >__________________>

Friday, March 26, 2010

alice in the wonderland


went to watch alice in the wonderland today. yeah,like... FINALLY. lol.
ummm,ok it's an ok movie for me. not bad but nothing special. well,if they got 3d glasses,
it would have been muchhhh better but they didn't >_____>
but I abseloutely love the characters and scenes in the movie. It was beyond imagination :)

I bought some stuff for ms.tina portfolio/assignements.. went to baskin robbin.
umm,can't resist. it's sooooo gooood. but after eating,like tonss of them I was soooo full
until right now haha.

we took the other road to go back to unisel. the one that cost rm0.70 tol ones. haha.
dapat la berjimat touch n go sket.

acik was driving cuz I was,literally sleepy that time.. but semapt lagik nak
ambil gambar eh.. haha.

man,I'm run out of money right now. dear acik,do not forget to pay back my money ok? xp

mama coming to kl next weekk! yeahhh :D
nak ikut pergi tgk anak adikkkk. hehe...
don't know what to plan yet.. cuz acik got appointment next week.
so I think I might have to take bus and ktm to go back to shah alam next week. yikess :x

ohhhhhhhhh,I missssssssssssss my nieces and nephew :(
yaya,adif and o-mei... haha o-mei tu nickname for anissa XD
nadhil dah jumpa semalam so x rindu lah. hahahahha,just kidding. maksu pun rindu
kat nadhil la. geram nak cobit pipi :P

tinggal 5 minggu lagi di unisel... x sabar rasanya nak balik rumah!! tapi...
banyak lagi halangan yang harus ditempuhi... with tons of assignments,drama play,singing,
broadcasting. yikessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :/

Sunday, March 21, 2010

back in unisel..

Me and acik,my sister went to along's house at Lanchang to spend our weekend.. Instead of spend weekend at angah's house at S.Alam as usual,we decided to go there.. It was really fun,especially being with my nieces and nephew,and eat delicious foods non-stop hahahah...

Next week,I'm going to spend my weekend on unisel.. yup,not going anywhere since I've got lottssss of assignments to dooo T_____________T
Except kalau dah start buat yang ms.tina puna assignments,boleh jugak keluar pergi mall berdekatan to buy the stuff for the scrapbook....

Ms. Tina punya assignments belum start pun lagii. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >____<
Esok ada presentation for hj.baghawi. Mintak2 la tak payah present untuk kali kedua..
chapter nih kena cover banyak lah... u___u
and I want to say that,I'm really really reallyyy sorrryyy to Yun,Effa and Zati..
I know you guys are working really hard to prepare for the presentation..
I promise that I will pay for the stuff that you guys bhought..
but I hope you guys didn't buy much though. hahahahaaah xp

Yayyy,mama's coming to kl the week after next weekkkk :)
time tu boleh la balik... kitaorang pun nak pergi tgk anak adik jugak hehe~

Oh ya,adesss duit belanja sudah refill but darn I must learn on how to berjimat la... cannot like this always,kesian kat mak bapak aku Y_____Y
Nak sorokkan kat mana ntah duit nih,tak boleh jadi.. kalau ada depan mata,sekejap jer boleh hbiss... tak begitu kawan2? hahaha...

speaking of the duit,I ordered a skin laptop from someone. katanya rm30..
tapi tak taw la kalau ada charge sampingan...

Bestt nya bila wireless kat hostel laju... 2 hari tak online mcm dah bertahun tak online bagi ku..
LOL.. betul... tadi check,firstly of coz la facebook. ada 100+ updatess.. e-mail pulak,ada 100+

I missss my nieces and nephew already la... wondering what are they doing right now..
Adif and yaya probably playing with the toys and Anissa is still sleeping! hehe...

Laparnya... perut pun sudah mula berbunyi... tapi kena solat maghrib dulu sebelum makan,
or else jadi malas la nak solat nanti... besa la,bila dah kenyang..

Saturday, March 6, 2010



yes,agak kebosanan sekarang ini... why? coz aku dah tak taw nak tengok cerita apa lagi. hahah,semua cerita yang aku donlod dah habis tengok.. tak sia-sia jugak la donlod cerita2 tu.. ada yang best,ada yang x berapa
sangat.. my favs;my name is khan and for ghost story maybe and arang,one missed call 1 n phone... but tak paham sangat lah pasal cerita a tale of two sisters.... anyone would like to
explain to me a bit? :)

cerita sequel for one missed call 1,which are one missed call 2 and 3 tak best langsung >:(
especially the third one huhuh...

sedihh worrr tengok my name is khan... T__________T

oh yeah,I wanna say thanks again to sue,farah,sarah and imah for the stories you girls
gave me! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Went to the cinema last Sunday,with my sister. On the way balik ke Unisel singgah kat
Jusco Klang... we watched Lu Pikir La Sendiri the Movie and Perce Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Hmmm,tak ramai pun yang tgk cerita lu pikir la sendiri the movie tu... but the movie is not bad la. It's entertaining,sad,happy,funny :)
Ingatkan nak tgk the wolfman jugak but we're already exhausted lahh...
so,pukul 4.30 tu kitaorang makan kat kfc then terus balik unisel...

Wayang start pukul 12.30,kitaorang sampai pukul 11.30 so we decided to just jalan-jalan sekitar jusco tu.. singgah jap kat baskin robbin. haha,siap beli satu cup lagi lepas tgk wayang XDD
yummmmyy,it's sooooo gooood...

Monday, March 1, 2010

my heart aches for 2pm..
please stay strong boys